I don’t need a man to put me on a pedestal. The idea of being an arm piece or a trophy wife is not for me. In my own experiences, I have met men who want to take me out, “get to know me” and say they want to fill the BAE position because of what they see on the surface. But what about what I

#JuneWritingChallenge - Day 9 - JazzFav: Freddie Hubbard - “Red Clay” #BlackMusicMonth

Believe it or not hip-hop brought me closer to jazz; specifically A Tribe Called Quest. I was obsessed with their music a few years back and would go back and find out the samples used in their music. One song specifically, “Sucka Nigga,” by ATCQ, had a sick funky loop that came specifically from “Red Clay” by John Wilkins. The song was a cover of a record by trumpeter Freddie Hubbard

#JuneWritingChallenge Day 8 - For Lauryn #BlackMusicMonth


When I was little, there weren’t too many chocolate sisters out there to look up to. There weren’t too many out there being celebrated. And it seems we have to be magical and supernatural to be finally be exulted or to just feel SEEN.

#JuneWritingChallenge My Forever Crush - Pharrell Williams - Day 7 #BlackMusicMonth

I’m not sure when it happened; when I fell for Pharrell Williams. But although I’ve outgrown all my other childhood crushes, this man still remains one of my favorite men to gawk over.

#Junewritingchallenge - Day 6 - Amerie’s ‘All I Have’ Is One of My Favorite Albums #blackmusicmonth


I’m just here to remind people that Amerie made one of the best R&B albums of the 2000s. Yes, I have no problem arguing that. Every one of her albums after is up for debate, but All I Have still gets burn 12 years later.

Outkast Murked GovBall! #JuneWritingChallenge #BlackMusicMonth Day 5 

It wasn’t looking too great for Outkast at Coachella. Although I was hype to see the two of them reunited after fans complained about their seperation, it wasn’t what everyone had hoped for.

Sade #BlackMusicMonth #JuneWritingChallenge Day 4 


Sade chills in my top 5. This woman can do no wrong musically in my ears. She is beautiful, but more so her voice is so distinct.

She tells stories. She shares emotions. She makes me feel like it’s not only me going through whatever it is I’m going through. She is not for the baby ear.

10 Songs That Give Me Block Party Nostalgia #JuneWritingChallenge Day 3 #BlackMusicMonth


Growing up in Brooklyn — Bed Stuy specifically — block parties were the highlight of every summer. And the sounds behind them get me to time traveling every time I hear them.

#JuneWritingChallenge Day 2 - This Singer Made My Favorite Song Ever #BlackMusicMonth

Bobby Caldwell is the truth. If you are not hip to this man’s soulful and jazzy catalog, what have you been listening to then? Any hip-hop fan, has heard his melodies sampled in several hit records by now:

#JuneWritingChallenge Day 1 - Props to Teedra Moses and ‘Complex Simplicity’ #BlackMusicMonth


The hard part about a #BlackMusicMonth writing challenge is that there is so much ground to cover. I’m bound to miss some artist or song I love and enjoy. But to kick things off, I MUST mention Teedra Moses.

This R&B Queen doesn’t get the credit she deserves. She’s stuck on MMG (I think). I thought Rick Ross would hook a sister up, but it’s been how many years and she still hasn’t released the album through their camp? Cognac and Conversations is the name of the next record that’s promised, but we shall see